A catering service that. finally. meets your expectations!

Whether it’s a birthday, a reception, a romantic dinner or a simple meal prep break, our catering services will take you on a delicious and friendly trip like fancy restaurants. Select the platters you want from our creations. For an extraordinary experience, you can also book our famous master shuckers at home. A great way to enjoy the expertise of our fishmongers in the comfort of your home.

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 Valencian paëlla

$ 29,99/1 KG

Tatakis duo platter

$ 28,99

Poséidon platter

$ 139,99

Tapas specialty platter

$ 39,99

Sushi platter

$ 40,99/ 34un OR $ 72,99/66un

Lobster platter (cut-cracked)

$ 189,99 

Cajun salmon fritters

$ 24,99/ 650g

Fumoir d’Antan platter

$ 59,99

Odessa platter

$ 209,99

Discover more!

To see all our complete offer, take a look to our various booklets here (french only).

New!- Gipsy platter

Have peace of mind with our new open oyster platter served on a bed of salt with mignonettes and fresh lemons: the Gipsy platter! A jewl-sized oyster from New Brunswick

$ 39,99/ 24un OR $ 69,99/ 48un

As an accompaniment, our salads!

True round the world, our fresh salads finely prepared by our team are delicious. Pass by Asia, the Middle East or the Mediterranean with fresh ingredients that will go well with your platters as well as your daily meals. 

All available at our ready-to-eat counters! 

Greek orzo salad

$ 1,49/100g

Turmeric quinoa salad

$ 2,29/100g

Japanese coleslaw


New!- Baked sushi

Discover our baked sushi with pollock and shrimp. A creation that can be enjoyed with a fork or with an Nori seaweed!

Sale: $ 9,95/ 400g



Oubliez le temps gris avec des recettes réconfortantes, savoureuses et gourmandes!

Trempette chaude au crabe d’Alaska

Poutine de homard & sauce à la bisque

Sandwich Po’boy aux huîtres frites