Created and cooked with love in Quebec, all of our homemade products highlight quality ingredients offered at Odessa Poissonnier. Place our delicacies on your table and savor the best of family cooking at any time. From our little family to yours!

Some products are available fresh or frozen, depending on our branches.

Bites & ready to spread

Caribbean Accras

$ 4,29/100g

Salmon croquette

$ 3,19/90g or $ 12,99/4x90g

Salmon confit with citrus fruits

$ 5,99/100g


Cod Accras

$ 3,49/90g or $ 12,49/4x90g

Crab cake

$ 4,99/80g or $ 18,99/4x80g

Two-salmon tartare

$ 7,99/100g


Diablo Shrimp bites

$ 2,99/80g or $ 10,99/4x80g 

Canadian lobster and crab rillettes

$ 9,99/100g

Hot Crab Dip

$ 11,99/325g



Greek orzo salad

$ 1,49/100g


Snow legs salad

$ 2,79/100g


Turmeric quinoa salad

$ 2,69/100g


Lobster salad (in season)

$ 9,99/100g or $13,99/roll


Japanese coleslaw 

$ 2,29/100g


Nordic shrimp salad (in season)

$ 9,99/100g or $13,99/roll


Seasonal novelties

baked sushi

Discover our baked sushi with pollock and shrimp. A creation that can be enjoyed with a fork or with an Nori seaweed!

Fish and seafood gratin

A brand new meal that includes a mix of fish, as well as shrimps and scallops in a creamy sauce. 

Baked sushi

$ 10,95/400g

Fish and seafood gratin

$ 26,99$/1kg

Patés & puff pastries

Puff pastry of snails with garlic

$ 8,99/160g


Seafood pie

$ 5,49/225g or $15,99/725g

Salmon pie

$ 5,99/225g or $16,99/1 Kg


cheese shells

Fisherman’s shell

$ 7,99/250g


Millionaire’s shell

$ 11,99/250g


St-Jacques shell

$ 9,99/250g


Soups & bisques

Clam chowder

$ 5,99/450g


Fish soup

$ 6,49/450g


Scallop chowder



Lobster Bisque



new!- Seafood Risotto

Carefully prepared in our small kitchens, our seafood risotto is essential for evenings when a meal preparation break is required. Enjoy a simple, quality and aesthetic meal that you just have to take and put directly in the oven. Long live for the easy solutions!


$ 28.99 / 900 g



Oubliez le temps gris avec des recettes réconfortantes, savoureuses et gourmandes!

Trempette chaude au crabe d’Alaska

Poutine de homard & sauce à la bisque

Sandwich Po’boy aux huîtres frites