For a real feast, for two or more, our seafood platters will transport you to waves of delight and conviviality. A great option to celebrate in the purest peace of mind!

* Reservations on call 24 hours to 48 hours in advance. The price of the lobster platter may change depending on the arrivals.

(New!) Valencian paëlla

$ 29,99/ 1KG

Tatakis Duo

$ 26,99

(New!) Tapas platter

$ 39,99

Poséidon Platter

$ 129,99

Fumoir d’Antan Platter

$ 59,99

Cajun salmon fritters

$ 24,99/ 650g

Arrivals of the week

mahi mahi from south america

This exotic fish with pink flesh is very firm and tasty. It is suitable for all types of cooking (grilled, roasted, pan-fried and poached).

mussels from newfoundland

Rich in vitamins B12, zinc and omega-3, mussels deserve to be included in our menu! We like them marinated, grilled, in a chowder or simply in a court-bouillon.

Mahi mahi fillet

$ 21.99 / lb 

(Promo from september 23 to 29)

Farmed mussels

$ 5.49 / 908 g

(Promo from september 30 to october 6)


Sail towards the summer through Asia, the Middle East or the Mediterranean with all our extras that will go well with your daily meals.

(NEW!) Greek orzo salad

$ 1,49/100g

(NEW!) Quinoa salad with turmeric

$ 2,69/100g

(NEW!) Japanese coleslaw

$ 2,29/100g

New in season!

Sushi ''POGO''

Try our new sushi ”Pogo” inspired by Korean street food! A reinvented classic that hides a gourmet sushi roll with salmon-cream cheese or shrimp-pollock-edamame. Available at all our ready-to-eat counters!  

Cut and cracked lobster platter

A generous platter of four cooked lobsters, cut in half and then cracked to save you too much work at home. All served with our Lemon-saffron and Andalusian mayonnaise, as well as garlic butter.

* 24-48hrs reservation required.

Sushi ”Pogo” with Japanese salad

 $ 8.99 / un (with salad)

Cut and cracked lobster platter

$ 169.99

September 30
to october 27.



On oyster units (SELECTED).




On 18 units boxes (selected).

(New Exclusivity!) Gipsy Platter

Sale: $ 39.99/24un OR $ 69.99/48un

(New exclusivity!) Gipsy oyster

$ 1.29/un OR $ 109,99/100un

(Exclusivity) Trio tasting box

 $ 29.99/18un

(Exclusivity) P’tite Odessa oyster

$ 23.99/20un

(Exclusivity) Oh là là! oyster (7 years)

 $ 28,99/18un OR $ 69.99/50un

Arrivals of the week

Haddock filletfrom Canada

Responsibly caught in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, his flesh is sweeter than cod. Simply cooked with a drizzle of olive oil or in a crust to recall the famous UK “fish and chips”, it will be appreciated by young and old greedy people.

Cod long from Island

Rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and vitamin D, long cod provides essential contributions before the coming winter period. We recommend our traditionnal portuguese salt cod brandade recipe to keep you warm!

Haddock fillet (October 21 to 27)

* Sale: $ 11.99/lb (26,43$ /kg)

Cod long (October 28 to November 3)

* Sale: $ 21.99/lb (48,48$ /kg)

100% comforting

Let you be tempted by our homemade meals. Warmth, satisfaction, and tradition await you.

Scallop chowder

$ 5.99/450g

Hot crab dip

$ 11.99/325g

Seafood risotto

$ 29.99/900g

Seafood lasagna

$ 19.99/1kg

Fisherman’s shell

$ 7.99/250g

Fish soup

$ 6.49 /450g

Seasonal novelties

Baked sushi

Discover our baked sushi with pollock and shrimp. A creation that can be enjoyed with a fork or with an Nori seaweed!

fish and seafood gratin

A brand new bake meal that includes a mix of fish, as well as shrimps and scallops in a creamy sauce.

Baked sushi

$ 10.95/400g

Fish and seafood gratin

$ 26.99/1Kg