For a real feast, for two or more, our seafood platters will transport you to waves of delight and conviviality. A great option to celebrate in the purest peace of mind!

* Reservations on call 24 hours to 48 hours in advance. The price of the lobster platter may change depending on the arrivals.

(New!) Valencian paëlla

$ 29,99/ 1KG

Tatakis Duo

$ 26,99

(New!) Tapas platter

$ 39,99

Poséidon Platter

$ 129,99

Fumoir d’Antan Platter

$ 59,99

Cajun salmon fritters

$ 24,99/ 650g

Arrivals of the week

sockeye salmon

Wild salmon is a good choice for a healthy heart. Its bright red flesh is known to contain a considerable amount of good Omega 3 acids. This fish is excellent grilled, baked or even smoked.

whole squid

This delicious mollusc sometimes scares home cooks. However, it is worth learning about its cooking and eating it more often! Squid is low in fat but very high in protein, in addition to being an excellent source of omega-3s and B12 vitamins.

Sockeye Salmon

$ 18.99 / lb 

(Promo from july 22 to 28)

Whole Fresh Squid

$7.99 / lb

(Promo from july 29 to august 4)


Sail towards the summer through Asia, the Middle East or the Mediterranean with all our extras that will go well with your daily meals.

(NEW!) Greek orzo salad

$ 1,49/100g

(NEW!) Quinoa salad with turmeric

$ 2,69/100g

(NEW!) Japanese coleslaw

$ 2,29/100g

New in season!

Sushi ''POGO''

Try our new sushi ”Pogo” inspired by Korean street food! A reinvented classic that hides a gourmet sushi roll with salmon-cream cheese or shrimp-pollock-edamame. Available at all our ready-to-eat counters!  

Cut and cracked lobster platter

A generous platter of four cooked lobsters, cut in half and then cracked to save you too much work at home. All served with our Lemon-saffron and Andalusian mayonnaise, as well as garlic butter.

* 24-48hrs reservation required.

Sushi ”Pogo” with Japanese salad

 $ 8.99 / un (with salad)

Cut and cracked lobster platter

$ 169.99



Squids are delicious fried, grilled, sautéed or even stuffed. They go well with tomato sauce (for pasta, for example) and with fresh vegetables (for a salad, for example).

*On sale from march 18 to march 24

Haddock fillet

A member of the cod family, haddock is a Canadian fish that has made the hearts of the British beat faster thanks to the famous fish and chips!

* On sale from March 25 to 31

Whole squid

* Sale: $ 8.99 / lb

Haddock fillet

* Sale: $ 10.99 / lb

heart warming

homemade meals

Active in the kitchen, Odessa Poissonnier’s brigade cooks you exquisite dishes prepared for the winter season. Warmth, gentleness and traditions meet you! Discover our large selection in branches.

Scallop chowder, 450g


Puff pastry of snails with garlic, 160g


Saint-Jacques shell, 250g


Seafood puff pastry, 750g


Fisherman’s shell, 250g


Clam chowder, 450g


Exclusive Fresh Oysters

Treat yourself by opting for one of our three exclusives. For those with a sweet tooth, our box of 50 Oh là là! Oysters will be the choice of choice, while the Trio tasting box will be a perfect option for the aperitif. For the initiated, the P’tite Odessa is ideal because of its easy-to-open shell.

Oh là là! Oyster box (7 years)

28,99$/18 un


Trio Oyster Tasting box (3 varieties)

29,99$/18 un


La p’tite Odessa Oyster box

23,99$/20 un




Oubliez le temps gris avec des recettes réconfortantes, savoureuses et gourmandes!

Trempette chaude au crabe d’Alaska

Poutine de homard & sauce à la bisque

Sandwich Po’boy aux huîtres frites


& events

For a real feast, for two or more, our seafood platters will transport you to waves of delights and conviviality worthy of the greatest restaurants. A great option to celebrate in the purest peace of mind!

Poséidon Seafood Platter


Tatakis Duo Platter (New!)


Réunis sur un plateau

Pour un véritable festin, à deux ou à plusieurs, nos plateaux de fruits de mer vous transporterons vers des vagues de délices et de convivialité. Une option toute indiquée afin de célébrer dans la plus pure paix d’esprit!

*Réservations sur appel 24h-48h en avance. Les plateaux de sushis sont disponibles seulement à Molson, Anjou, Brossard et sur demande pour les autres succursales. 

Plateau de sushis St-Valentin

49,99$/ 38 morceaux

Plateau du Fumoir d’Antan


Plateau duo tatakis


Plateau Poséidon


Plateau de grosses crevettes


Plateau de luxe Odessa