new - Sushi '' pogo '' !

Try our new sushi ”pogo” inspired by Korean street food! A reinvented classic create from a sushi roll : salmon-cream cheese or shrimp-pollock-edamame. Available at all our ready-to-eat counters!

$ 8.99/ sushi ”pogo” with Japanese salad. 


Prepare an oyster tasting

Get the festivities off to a great start with an oyster platter or our famous tasting boxes, and take advantage of our promotions including our oyster at 0.99¢/un or $99/100un: the Gipsy, also available as a tray!

Flyer from MAY 25 to june 7

Flyer from MAY 25 to june 7

Boîte repas BBQ Odessa Poissonnier


And get a chance to win a new BBQ meal box for Father’s Day!

Do you know that...

Odessa Poissonnier is committed to promoting seafood products from responsible practices in order to contribute to the protection of our oceans?

Do you know that...

Sole, caught in Canadian waters, is a very popular fish. Their lean white flesh contains few bones, which are easy to remove. The texture of the sole is finely flaky and firm. Their flavour is distinctive, but not very pronounced. It is punctuated by notes of hazelnut.

It is rich in vitamins B12, B3 and D, as well as selenium.

Try it with our recipe for SOLE FILLETS AND ARUGULA PESTO.

Seasonal treats

Enjoy your night-off and discover all our delicate homemade dishes.

Fish and Seafood Gratin

$28.99/1 kg

Smoked Salmon Paris-Brest, 650 g

$36.99/6 to 8 portions

Risotto with Seafood

$29.99/900 g