What we’re doing for your safety.

Thank you for your interest in our contactless pick-up service.

Encouraging small local businesses is a great way to help your community during these tougher times. 

In order to offer you a more complete offer we invited Nepco, our sister company specializing in meats distribution, to join us. 


Please note that the minimum order amount requested for this service is $50 and the maximum is $300.


Select your products below then call the store to submit your order and pay. 

Home delivery service

For some boroughs nearby (confirm when called). See participating stores below.

Delivery days (all)

Deliveries are available from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

Deadline for orders

The deadline for same day order submissions is 12h p.m. Past this hour, your delivery will be sent to you the next day.

Minimum order amount

A minimum order of 50$ is required.

Delivery charges

For deliveries less than100$ a 10$ fee will be added to your invoice

Make you selection from our products then call us to pass your order.

Safe and contact-free pick-up

 We offer a safe and contactless pickup service. You juste need to select your products, call the store to pass your order and make your payment. Once in front, you only have to call us and our employees will carry your order directly to your trunk.

Product catalog

canadian lobster (fresh or cooked)

available for delivery. Price according to arrivals

(See details when calling)

Fresh (Price according to arrivals)

Atlantic salmon

Portion of fresh salmon with skin


Fresh haddock fillet 8-12

Rainbow trout

Fresh rainbow trout fillet

Icelandic cod XL

Fresh Icelandic Cod Loin XL

Canadian mussels

Fresh Newfoundland mussels


Fresh Tilapia Fillet

Smoked salmon M. Emile

Smoked and sliced Atlantic salmon

Snow legs (Crab)

Imitation fresh crab


Canadian scallops U12

Large Canadian scallops

350 gr.

27,99$ / bag

USA scallops

American East Coast Scallops, 10-20

800 gr.

31,99$ / bag

Canadian scallops

Canadian scallops 10-20

350 gr.

28,99$ / bag

EZ peel shrimps

Shrimps with easily peeled scales, 26-30

340 gr.

3 bags for 20$ or 9,99$ / unit

Cooked shrimp

Cooked shrimps, 61-70

340 gr.

3 bags for 20$ or 9,99$ / unit

Peeled shrimp

Peeled and deveined shrimp with tails, 31-40

340 gr.

3 bags for 20$ or 9,99$ / unit

Northern shrimp

Canadian shrimp 90-125

800 gr.

39,99$ / bag

Blue cod

Blue cod fillets

12 units

12,99$ / bag

European walleye

European walleye fillets

800 gr.

20,99$ / bag


Turbot fillets

800 gr.

16,99$ / bag


Swordfish steak

6-8oz, 1 unit

7,99$ / unit

Albacore tuna

Portions of Albacore tuna

10 units

28,99$ / bag

Atlantic salmon

Atlantic Salmon Portions

8-9 oz

8,99$ / unit

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna steaks

2 units

13,99$ / bag

Argentinian shrimp

Wild shrimps, butterfly cut, 16-20

454 gr.

18,99$ / bag


Cheese shell

Classic gratin shellfish

200 gr.

6,99$ / unit

Onion soup

Classic comforting onion soup

290 gr.

4,99$ / unit

Home made

Homemade smoked salmon

Hand smoked and sliced Atlantic salmon

150 gr.

10,99$ / unit

Seafood pâté

Pâté with scallops, shrimps, salmon, tilapia and imitation crab

725 gr.

14,49$ / unit

Fisherman shell

Shell gratin with simulated crab, scallops, shrimps, salmon and tilapia

250 gr.

7,99$ / unit

Cod accras

Classic cod accras

9,99$ / 4 units

Seafood lasagna

Creamy Lasagna with Scallops, shrimps and more!

1 kg.

17,99$ / unit

Salmon pie

The best puff pastry with salmon

1 kg.

14,99$ / unit

Sushis (Chef's choice)

34 pieces platter

34 pieces with 20 futomakis, 8 minimakis, 6 nigiris

37,99$ / platter

Special combo #12

12 pieces with 9 futomakis 3 minimakis

13,95$ / platter

Special combo #18

18 pieces with 10 futomakis 4 nigiris 4 makimakis

19,95$ / platter

Special combo #10

10 pieces with 6 futomakis 4 nigiris

13,95$ / platter

Poke Bowl

Salmon, tuna or shrimp poke bowl

A protein of your choice with avocado, cucumber, endama beans, mango and more.

13,95$ / unit

Try the Nepco offer: top quality meats! 

Meat (Nepco)

Beef lean ground meat

500 gr


Beef hanging tender portions



Boneless pork chops

550 g


Beef tenderloin portions AA

340 g


Beef boneless blade roast

850 g


Lean ground pork

500 g


Beef striploin portions AAA

285 g


beef tenderloin kebab

300 g


Cooked baby back ribs with BBQ sauce

565 g


Beef baseball cut portion AA

340 g


Pork tenderloin

830 g


Chicken breast

400 g


Beef Boston roast

850 g


Pork roast

1 kg


Italian sausage

Mild or hot

400 g


Beef ribeye portions AAA

340 g


Beef flap meat (bavette) portions

225 g or 10 X 225 g

11,99$\ 225 g or 139$\12 X 225 g